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Our Vision

“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic acts to participate in the process of change. Many small, considered acts, multiplied by millions can change the world.” – Howard Zinn
At Aleigha the label we view our journey into sustainability as an ongoing work in progress. Our end goal as a company is to create beautiful clothing, while thriving in harmony with the environment and the society in which we operate. We want to cultivate a community of empowering women who are interested in taking small, yet necessary steps in creating a little change in the world.
For us to achieve this goal we are more than aware that we at Aleigha the Label are to be ever conscious of our choices and understand all aspects of the production of our garments, as well as the impact that this process has on people and the planet. We apply our awareness by reducing waste, recycling, and upcycling any waste that we have. Respecting our makers and their community values, keeping artisan culture alive, using organic textiles, and most importantly ensuring that our workplace is an ethical, healthy, and safe environment.