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To tell the story of Aleigha The Label, I must begin with my own personal journey It starts with two visionaries, and how they created a life for themselves and their children. These two visionaries are my parents.
Our Beginning
From a little girl, Mum and Dad always encouraged us (my two brothers and I) to think outside the box, to find our passion and dream big. My Dad is a very smart businessman and instilled in me the drive to live passionately, with intention and independence. My beautiful mother is a creative in so many ways, every school costume, Easter hat parade was all made from scratch. Growing up I watched my mum as she effortlessly made everything beautiful, from the canvases she would paint for the home, to the makeup and clothes she wore. She did what she did with passion and love always, which helped shape me into the woman I am today. She inherited her gift of creativity from her mother, my Grandma, who is also very talented. My grandma made her own patterns and sewed all her children’s clothes (think the 80’s. Pink polka dot suspenders with a matching belt! All made by hand, with love). It appears a love for creativity is generational.
The diverse values and gifts that my parents brought into my life not only shaped me, but also the framework and inspiration behind Aleigha The Label.  Ever since I can remember I have been creative and had a desire to live consciously and passionately and to inspire everyone who has even a little idea, to dream big and give it a go...cause you never know where it might take you. During my high school years, my dream and creative ideas found me working in an internship for a clothing label. Mornings before school and after school. I got to see firsthand what goes into creating a successful label. My next step was fashion college where my love for designing took flight. My dreams and ideas lead me to my next adventure, to study in Hawaii. I loved the people and all my experiences there. This gave me a lot of my inspiration for my first collection. Think the desert meets the sea. Taking the colours and feelings from the beautiful places I have lived I have designed a collection that combines simplicity with class. I hope you love this collection as much as I have loved creating it and it inspires you to reach for the stars, whatever that may be for you.
I cannot wait to see how you style your Aleigha The Label pieces and just know when you are wearing one of my pieces you are wearing piece of my heart.
This is not the end this is just the beginning
Aleigha xx