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“Waste isn’t waste, unless we waste it.” – Kate Newman

At Aleigha The Label we view waste as a serious design flaw that is why with the fabric offcuts from our garments, we create beautiful hair scrunchies. Every customer that orders an Aleigha The Label package over $250.00 will receive a matching scrunchie for free. We hate to see fabric go to waste and end up in landfill.  And this is just one of our sustainable practices.

On top of creating beautiful scrunchies we are also donating the remaining scraps to the local artisans to weave into rugs and shoes.

With these two small practices not only are we taking the waste and designing something beautiful and useful, helping the environment by reducing consumption, but we are also giving our makers an opportunity to create another source of income.

Your purchase achieves the following:

- Utilising & upcycling fabric offcuts that would otherwise go to waste or landfill. Not on our watch!

- Providing work and continued business for the makers in Bali who need it more than ever during these difficult times.




Our packaging is eco-friendly

All our wrapping paper, thankyou cards, scrunchie cards, and ribbon are made from recycled paper and fabric. We are a 95% plastic free production and by mid-2021 will be completely plastic free.



We are taking essential steps to move towards a change in the textile industry. We are trying to improve all parts of fashion construction. All our garments are made from organic fibres and made with organic dyes and include the following types of natural and sustainable (not to mention comfy!) fabric:

100% Bamboo

100% Linen

100% Tencel

100% Cotton